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The Mural  depicts a journey from the slums of the East End (right) through to the Countryside (left).

Parts have been copied onto the tapestry  made as part of the Kingsley Hall/Muriel Lester Project. The original needs attention and repair

Centre Panel

Left Hand Panel

Right Hand Panel

Some Details

In 1935, Eve Garnett the artist, illustrator and writer. painted a twelve-metre mural in the main room of Children's House. Across the wall, a line of children are seen walking along an East End street. At the end of the street they go through a door into a green wood where they can play freely. The mural shows the Lester sisters' social and educational ideals in graphic form and is an important part of Kingsley Hall's heritage.

The paintings are now dirty and damaged. In its present state the mural is a problem for the school - it could be a wonderful asset.

A report was commissioned to identify the work needed.

Currently plans for the necessary work are being establsihed.

For more information contact Alice Mackay at

The Mural at Children’s House