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The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, has been in operation since May 2017 and is enforceable from 25th May 2018.

KINGSLEY HALL COMMUNITY CENTRES HERITAGE COMMITTEE (KHHC) will comply with the requirements of GDPR. You may have provided data in the past we need to ask you we need to ask your agreement in the following way:
Information about you/ Why we need this data

1) What data will we have, or we collect.
a)Some or all of the following if volunteered by you:

i) your name and email address –

ii) Your phone number

iii) Your postal address to enable contact by mail if email fails

iv) Your interests in the subject  e.g. the buildings, their past activities, people connected with the community centres (including Muriel & Doris Lester, Gandhi, RD Laing et al) and their work.

v) Your attendance at activities

b) We need this data to keep you informed of activities concerning the heritage of the Kingsley Halls at Bromley-by-Bow and Dagenham, Childrens’ House Bow) and people connected with those centres.

2) Where and how it is stored;

i) In xxxx email address books with password control

ii) Attendance information paper stored…………..

3) Who can view it / what they can view;

i) The Kingsley Hall Community Centres Heritage Committee

ii) Emails to distribution lists will be sent using “bcc” to prevent your email address being shared.

4) You may have a copy of this policy by request to the DPO (Data Protection Officer email You have the right to:

a) Be removed from the list etc; but this will affect your ability to learn of current/potential/future activities of KHHC

b) See what information we store about you, by request to the DPO email, and we will provide this within one month.

c) Have your data deleted

d) Change details of the data

6) The data will not be shared with others.

7) We will retain the information until you request its deletion.

Rev 1.1 2018-05-30


To enable us to continue too coomunicate with you, please send an email to with the following words :

“I agree to the use of my personal data by Kingsley Hall Community Centres Heritage Committee as outlined in its Data Protection and Privacy Policy.”

Please add, at least, your name and either email or postal address.

You may include phone numbers and any areas of particular interest.

Privacy & Data Protection Policy – Statement for GDPR